Live Support

We can securely remote into any computer and give you a hand.  Simply give us a call to get started. 

Email Hosting

Email is critical to your organization.  Allow us to provide a professional/robust email hosting platform.

Domain Management

Need someone to manage one of the biggest assets in your company?

Website Hosting

Let us make minor modifications as needed.  Let us guide you through development of a new website, added functionality, or simply improving speed/reliability of your website.

Networking Recommendations

We’ve got over 20 years of experience with hardware.  We know what works for every situation. 

Website Development

We have searched the web to find the best website development partners.  As an independent 3rd party, let us help you navigate to a site you are happy with.

Offsite Backups

Need a quick offset backup?  We’ve got that.  Need disaster recovery within a few hours?  We’ve got that.  Need a file restored from many years ago?  We’ve got that.

Windows Updates

Falling behind on Windows updates can create an unplanned costly expense.  

Email Archiving

Your organization’s historical email contains a lot of value.  Want a solution that archives everything and provides a simple yet powerful search interface? Let us help you out.

24x7 Health Checks

Mechanical hard drives often give symptoms prior to failure.  We detect these symptoms as well as many other health checks on your systems.

Managed Antivirus

We know the best antivirus out there.  We will implement daily updates and full scans automatically.  In the case that anyone in your organization gets a virus, we are notified and can step in to help minimize the impact.

Mobile Device Management

Need a mobile device wiped or locked if lost?  Don’t let your organization’s mobile data slip away.

Security Improvements

We know the ins and outs of network security.  Need an assessment? Contact us today.

Security Audits

Need regular pen tests or compliance tests?  We are familar with PCI, HIPAA, and many other client security requirements.

Backup & Recovery of Data

How long would it take to restore your backup?  Would this recovery time impact your business?  Let us implement a system that can be restored in a few short hours.

Email Setup

Tired of using webmail?  Want Outlook setup?  Need multiple addresses to show in Outlook?  Need email setup on your phone?

Cloud File Sharing Systems

Want files synchronized to your phone, tablet, desktop, etc.?  With modern file sync software, a local server is often no longer required.

Management of Internet Use

Want to turn wifi on/off at certain times?  Need to block certain websites entirely?

Management of Router/Firewall

Let’s manage the web traffic for your organization by implementing a managed firewall. This also helps keep harmful traffic out.